PictureView Affiliate Program Application

Become a PictureView affiliate and we will pay you $12.00 for each customer who signs up and pays for a PictureView account by following a link from your site. We'll also pay you $2.00 for each additional month that the customer remains a member.

In addition, if you bring us new affiliates, we'll pay you 25% of whatever they earn, including any money they earn from affiliates they have referred. (You will need to provide the affiliates you refer with the affiliate code that we assign to you.)

Please complete and submit the form below to begin the process of becoming a PictureView affiliate. You will need to read and agree to the Terms of Service in order to complete the form. After receiving your completed application, we will inform you of your acceptance or rejection. If accepted, we will contact you with set-up instructions and provide you with access to a database where you can track progress.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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PictureView Affiliate Program Terms of Service Agreement

I have read and agree to the above PictureView Affiliate Program Terms of Service.

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Site Description

Contact Name

Contact E-Mail Address

Contact Phone Number

Checks will be made payable to the individual or company name you list below.

Please note, if your application is accepted, we will need your Social Security Number (if the payee is an individual) or Tax Identification Number (if the payee is a company).

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How did you hear about the PictureView Affiliate Program?

Sponsor's Affiliate Code

If you were referred to the PictureView Affiliate Program by an existing affiliate, please type the affiliate code they provided. If you were not referred by an affiliate, leave this field blank.


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